The Goodness Of The Lord By Jimmy D Psalmist

Jimmy D Psalmist, a well-known music minister, celebrates his birthday by releasing a brand-new music video for his song “The Goodness Of The Lord” (August 25th).

The song, which includes music minstrel Peterson Okopi, is from his most recent album, “Jesus Reigns” (Live).

The Bible defines God’s goodness in two ways. One relates to His personality, while the other concentrates on His deeds. Both are encapsulated in God’s statement in Psalm 119:68, “You are good and You do what is good.” That verse’s first half emphasizes how wonderful God is at his core. He is “morally great, incredibly gorgeous, intensely joyful, and extravagantly abundant,” in other words. But since we’re talking about God, this goodness is attributed to God.

 Watch Video below

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