RENEW YOUR MIND (The Power of your Thoughts) – Margret Ake



A man is what his thoughts are. The will, emptions and actions of man are influenced and controlled by the thought of a man’s mind.

The mind is the center of creativity. The right usage of the mind is what makes people to mind you.

The mind of the man is a very essential part that cannot be physically seen but can be felt basically in everything a man does.

A mind of a man is as the engine room of a man, the mind is the key room to output that a man is allowed to produced, the mind is the place where information that has been passed to a man is processed, and the mind is the frame up of a man.

The MIND is the field where information grow to become a bases at which a man thinks on and it becomes “THOUGHS” This thoughts goes through the process of acceptance, analysis, evaluation, accumulation, digestion and rejection. After information has pass through the sense organs it his formed in the MIND and understood by the receiver then a feedback is received.

The thoughts of a man influence and control his actions. Action is a product of a man’s thought. Actions are a product of a man’s thought. Words are also products of a man’s thoughts. The mind of a man is a powerful force and the faculty in man. It is so powerful.

What you set your mind on will determine what you will manifest at a person; the thoughts that dominate your mind will become visible in your life because you are what you think.

Thought are birthed from the mind and they become living things. They can be in the negative aspect such as fear, rejection, anxiety, depression, failure, sadness, worry, hatred are all state of the mind whereas this same mind has the ability to formed in the positive aspect that gives birth to right vibes and manifestations as boldness, happiness, contentment, excitement, faith, confidence, success. The healthier your mind, the higher you fry in life, the smaller your mind the limited you become, the state of your mind determines your ultimate status in life

When we experience success or failure in life they are all functions of our thoughts, some people believe they can make wealth or become rich in life until they are up to a particular age, while some people have conceived in their the thought that they cannot do or achieved a particular thing while they haven’t even tried . The mind is so powerful that the scripture says in proverbs 23:7


“for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

The mind is the basic factor in the school of success. You can’t succeed outside your mind; success comes to those who are success conscious.

The thoughts of a man is to powerful that you wouldn’t want to limited the possibilities that could be achieved basically on what u think.

Whatever a man becomes todays has to do with the frame up of the mind. Don’t limit yourself by what you think, there is a greater you in tomorrow that needs to pass through the forming of today, you don’t use your present state to make an unfair judgement on yourself, you don’t call yourself what people call you now maybe because you don’t look like it now, creating the picture of you in your mind is what makes the different than accepting the image that life and circumstance has bring to you. The mind is the center of creativity. Your thoughts determine your self-image, self-wroth and status in life. you can’t live above your mind, all that man has done or will ever do comes from the creative faculty of man, all inventions and businesses originated from the mind therefore every success in life is determine my the use of the mind.

Mind management is prioritized in the school of success, you need to give your attention to what you think, your mind set is very important. What you permit is every important.


  • Affirm your capacity
  • You need to take positive mental attitude towards every issue. – thinking positive brings a positive result –
  • Believe in your self
  • Believe you can
  • Throw off the self-limiting concept
  • Do not feel inferior and inadequate

Thomas A. Edison had a framed sign on his studio wall. “There is a better way of doing it. Find it”. He was a man who believed nothing is in possible, and will never submit to failure or disappointment. In order to overcome the negative you need to put on the winning attitude. You can’t change a situation except you change your approach to them and it all starts from the mind. When the internal change has occurred there will be change in every other area in your life.

Sylevester O. said “the winning attitude is the positive attitude; one with a winning attitude is one who believes he is a winner, and that he can win no matter the odds against him. He believes he will win though the terrain is unfamiliar hostile, or appears impossible”.

“All things are possible to him that believes” (MK9:33)

Believe in God

Believe you can MAKE IT, Believe in your ABILITY, Believe you are SUCCESSFUL, believe you are UNIQUE, believe you are GREAT.

Eliminate whatever is contrary and expect the BEST.

Written by: Ake Margret Pelumi




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