Rejoice – Shola Sax

The distinct tone and timbre of the Shola Sax stand out in the crowd. In “Rejoice,” he demonstrates his enthusiasm for perfection, expertise, skill, and the manifestation of God’s presence. He is adamant about offering God honor worthy of His worth. His music preferences and the way he serves the King His favorite meal—with everything he has—have over time mirrored this.

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a quick Shola Sax

Idowu Oluwasola was a member of Pastor Samuel Oluwasola’s family from birth. His mother works in government, while his father is a minister and church organist.

Idowu Oluwasola already showed signs of a significant interest in music at a very young age. His older brother taught him the basics of music, and he later attended St. David’s Music School (an affiliate of the Royal School of Music).

While still in primary school, he started taking woodwind instrument lessons. He continues to pursue his academic and professional goals despite his passion for music.

Mike Aremu, Jesse King, King Sunny Ade, Bolaji Philip Adeoloye, and other well-known musicians had taught Shola Sax before he became well-known.

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