Reboot your life (the power of time) Dr. Myles munroe & Les Brown

Reboot your life, knowing and taking the advantage of time

Here is a series of edited clips collected from both Dr. Myles Munroe and Les Brown put together to bless you and to help you get back on track at any point you’ve missed it.

its Simply called Redeeming Time.

This is a powerful message that helps you Check how you’ve spent your time during the course of the year.

Learn how to redeem your time by listening to this Inspirational tape below and Take ownership of your Time is the next coming year.

10 keys to redeeming Time (Dr myles Munroe)

  1. Document a Plan
  2. Establish Your Priority base on that Plans
  3. Pursue Your Passion only (identify your passion and go after it)
  4. Protect your Plans and Priorities from other people’s interest
  5. Identify your Values
  6. Make decisions based on your Destiny
  7. Inventory your Association
  8. Review your Investments (what are you spending your time on)
  9. Do not try to please everyone (You cannot make everyone happy)
  10. Forget the past and pursue and design your future. (sit down and plan your year)


Please, listen, Download & Share this content to blessed your loved ones this season…





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